Chanel Platinum Egoiste EDT Men 100 ml

Chanel Platinum Egoiste EDT Men 100 ml


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Egoiste Platinum is a pure and elegant perfume for men from the fragrance collection of fashion house Chanel. The brand’s scents always deliver a sense of style, luxury and perfectionism. Since the creation of the first models bearing the name of the founder of the brand Coco Chanel, they began to dictate fashion in the world of perfumery.
Egoiste Platinum is a special fragrance created for the special man who is pretentious, demanding and confident. It dissolves with top notes of lavender, divine neroli and invigorating spices. The heart is a combination of soothing aromas of garden tea and jasmine, served on resinous and sweet galbanum chords. The base is even softer and more comfortable, built of sandalwood, oak moss, amber and vetiver.
The creator of the aromatic composition is perfumer Jacques Polge.

Additional information

Aroma Family

Floral, Musk, Woody

Top notes

Lavender, Neroli, Petitgrain, Rosemary

Middle notes

Clary sage, Galbanum, Geranium, Jasmine

Base notes

Amber, Cedar, Oak moss, Sandalwood, Vetiver


100 ml



The Eternal Grace of Chanel Fragrances

Welcome to MC Grand Shop, your destination where the heritage of Chanel fragrances continues to allure and bewitch. Renowned for their enduring grace and opulent formulas, Chanel's scents transcend mere perfumery to become symbols of fashion innovation and elegance.

The Heritage of Opulence: Chanel's Narrative

Since its foundation by Coco Chanel, the brand has been a byword for refinement and luxury. Coco Chanel didn't just aim to create attire but sought to forge a lifestyle synonymous with sophistication and charm. This ambition effortlessly expanded into perfumery, positioning Chanel fragrances as quintessential emblems of opulence.

Celebrated Chanel Scents Across Ages

Leading the vanguard of celebrated Chanel scents is Chanel No. 5, arguably the most distinguished fragrance globally. Its distinctive mix of floral and earthy notes has charmed generations, securing its place as a cornerstone of elite perfumery. Not far behind are other notable concoctions like Coco Mademoiselle and Chanel Chance, each narrating tales of refinement and grace.

The Mastery Behind Chanel Fragrances

Crafting Chanel perfumes is a craft steeped in age-old methods and the choice of refined components. Every scent is a labor of love, created with painstaking precision and a steadfast dedication to excellence, culminating in a lineup of perfumes that are both innovative and eternal.

Perfecting the Art: Crafting Chanel Perfumes

  • The Pivotal Role of Master Perfumers

The custodians of Chanel's scent legacy and the visionaries behind its future aromas, Chanel's master perfumers boast a profound understanding of each component's traits and capacities. This knowledge empowers them to compose scents that are coherent, unique, and emotive, utilizing an extensive spectrum of ingredients to forge the brand's hallmark aromas, each with a unique narrative and sentiment.
  • The Detailed Process of Perfume Crafting

Concocting a Chanel perfume is a detailed and thoughtful operation of selection, mixture, and refinement. Beginning with an inspiration, the perfumer handpicks the initial ingredients for their emotive potential and memory-inducing capabilities. These elements are then meticulously blended, with each formula iteration tested and fine-tuned to achieve harmonic perfection. This endeavor may span months or even years, as the perfumer diligently refines the scent to align with Chanel's stringent criteria.

What is the Legacy Embodied Through Scent?

The resultant fragrances are more than mere adornments; they're manifestations of a philosophy, perpetuating Coco Chanel's legacy of fortitude, elegance, and autonomy. From the legendary Chanel No. 5 to the newest breakthroughs, every perfume stands as a testament to the brand's lasting dedication to fragrance artistry's pinnacle.

How to Select Your Chanel Perfume?

Finding your ideal Chanel perfume is a personal voyage, depending on your taste and the impression you desire to convey. Whether your preference lies with light and floral tones or deep and earthy notes, Chanel's diverse array ensures a match for every ambiance and event, from the invigorating Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche to the bold Bleu de Chanel.

The Wide Array of Chanel Fragrances

Chanel's perfume assortment is as rich as it is magnificent, accommodating a broad spectrum of scent preferences. Whether you're attracted to the enduring charm of Chanel No. 5 or the contemporary energy of Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel has the perfect fragrance awaiting you.

Introducing the Newest from Chanel

At MC Grand Shop, we're thrilled to present the latest from Chanel. The newest additions continue to challenge the confines of scent creation, merging innovative combinations and modern tones that mirror the brand's dedication to modernism and ingenuity.

What are the Exclusive Chanel Promotions at MC Grand Shop?

Exclusively at MC Grand Shop, our Chanel selection comes with unique promotions and discounts, making the luxury of owning a piece of this prestigious brand even more attainable. From time-limited offers to exclusive gift collections, Chanel aficionados will always find something extraordinary.
  • Experience the Finest of Chanel with Special Promotions
Explore the pinnacle of Chanel fragrances at MC Grand Shop and leverage our exclusive promotions. Whether you're broadening your collection or choosing a thoughtful gift, our special deals provide the perfect occasion to acquire these sought-after scents.
  • The Indispensable Presence of Chanel Perfumes in Your Collection
Chanel fragrances signify more than just aroma; they are an expression of finesse and style. With their opulent components, everlasting sophistication, and profound roots in fashion heritage, Chanel scents are a vital enhancement to any perfume collection. Discover the Chanel universe at MC Grand Shop and identify your signature fragrance that resonates with everlasting grace and unmatched luxury.


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